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2012-10-06 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:01)
Due to poor cane receipts and expected shortage Kenyan sugar prices now over KSH 5,000 / 50 kg bag. Egyptian sugar expected!
2012-10-02 Tweet from @ScipioSA (21:55:02)
Black Sea wheat fast coming to a close for 2012. Southern African millers will need to consider originating from India and South America.
2012-09-28 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:02)
We are sellers of Argentine Milling Wheat (No.2) 12 protein, December shipment, CFR East Africa.
2012-09-27 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:02)
We can source Swazi VHP sugar for East Africa for Oct / March but they are looking for the same premium as paid by the EU!
2012-09-20 Tweet from @ScipioSA (22:55:02)
We are looking for 6,000 Mt.s of white or yellow corn in 50 kgs, fobs in containers, Oct/Nov shipment, US, India, Malawi origin excluded.
2012-09-19 Tweet from @ScipioSA (20:55:02)
Indian new crop Soya Bean Meal falls on the back of favourable growing conditions.
2012-09-05 Tweet from @ScipioSA (18:55:02)
Kenyan Sugar Market moves higher. Having spent the last month below KES 4,300 / 50kg sales in Mombasa today recorded prices of KES 5,000!
2012-09-02 Tweet from @ScipioSA (22:55:02)
Just arrived in East Africa. We have a cargo of wheat arriving in Dar es Salaam this week and I want to meet the vessel.
2012-08-27 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:02)
We are seller's of Tanzanian Raw Sugar with EU access, September shipment.
2012-08-22 Tweet from @ScipioSA (00:55:03)
Mitr Phol refined sugar available now for September shipment stuffed into TEU's. Please advise CFR destinations.
2012-08-09 Tweet from @ScipioSA (15:55:02)
The Scipio website is now live.
2012-08-02 Tweet from @ScipioSA (19:55:02)
We are sellers of Indian LGWR 5% and 15%silky polished packed in 25kg and 50kg bags. Please advise interest.