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2013-02-14 Tweet from @ScipioSA (18:55:02)
May Refined sugar futures struggling to stay in the $490's @howlowcanitgo?
2013-01-23 Tweet from @ScipioSA (22:55:03)
Indian SBM has moved 10% higher during the last 4 weeks, fobs levels now $560 pmt JNPT
2013-01-23 Tweet from @ScipioSA (22:55:03)
Vietnamese rice is now outperforming Pakistan to all destinations in Southern Africa.
2013-01-16 Tweet from @ScipioSA (22:55:02)
MP refined sold next shipment March.
2013-01-13 Tweet from @ScipioSA (19:55:22)
Mitr Phol refined sugar available for Feb shipment, only 870 Mt.'s!
2013-01-10 Tweet from @ScipioSA (22:55:02)
Indian new crop wheat now trading for April shipments. Least cost milling wheat available on the market.
2012-12-21 Tweet from @ScipioSA (09:55:04)
Good flow of Thai Raw sugar trading into East Africa
2012-12-14 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:16)
Vietnamese rice is now cheaper than Pakistan LGWR CFR East Africa
2012-12-05 Tweet from @ScipioSA (21:55:03)
Thai Raw Sugar in 50 kg bags available Jan 15 / Feb 15 shipment, (KBS and 3 Keys) looking doe 3 Circles.
2012-12-01 Tweet from @ScipioSA (21:55:02)
RT @BBCBreaking: #Rugby Union: England beat New Zealand's All Blacks with record score of 38-21 at Twickenham - reaction LIVE h
2012-11-29 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:02)
Thai VHP raw sugar available for East Africa Jan/Feb shipment.
2012-11-26 Tweet from @ScipioSA (22:55:02)
Vietnamese rice is off the highs, looking to compete with Pakistan.
2012-11-06 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:02)
RT @sugaronline: Sugaronline News: UGANDA: Kenya’s demand for cash bonds on sugar imports strikes nerve via @sharethis
2012-11-04 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:02)
Interest on Thai refined sugar for Jan 15 shipment, $40 saving on current replacement. Please bring your demand.
2012-10-31 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:01)
Pakistan rice is the best replacement for LGWR due to recent harvest pressure.
2012-10-29 Tweet from @ScipioSA (23:00:15)
Sugar futures maintaining recent losses good time to pick up physicals!
2012-10-15 Tweet from @ScipioSA (23:00:15)
Refined sugar has fallen 10% in the last 4 sessions (December $557) buyers returning to the market.
2012-10-12 Tweet from @ScipioSA (23:00:15)
Arg Milling Wheat No.2 (12% protein), 30k indicated at 375 pmt, December shipment, CFR Dar es Salaam / Mombasa. Enquiries welcome
2012-10-10 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:02)
Pakistan releases 250,000 Mt.s of sugar for export. This will help reduce premiums for refined sugar in the Middle East market
2012-10-10 Tweet from @ScipioSA (13:55:02)
I've just updated my professional profile on LinkedIn. Connect with me and view my profile. #in