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2013-07-01 Tweet from @ScipioSA (22:55:03)
Sugaronline News: ACP sugar nations 'appalled' at EU quota end in 2017 via @sharethis
2013-06-26 Tweet from @ScipioSA (00:41:12)
RT @ftcommodities: The difference between bankers and #commodities traders? Traders are more "humble and modest", says
2013-06-23 Tweet from @ScipioSA (00:41:12)
We are witnessing the bounce in sugar futures. Strong Brazilian ethanol consumption is supporting the market.
2013-06-10 Tweet from @ScipioSA (21:55:03)
Raw sugar futures looking 'oversold' watch for a move to the upside.
2013-05-30 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:05)
RT @Canonry: Sugaronline News: SOUTH AFRICA: Illovo says cheap imports hurting producers via
2013-05-08 Tweet from @ScipioSA (15:55:04)
White Sugar Falls on Speculation Thailand Sales; Coffee Retreats via @BloombergNews
2013-05-07 Tweet from @ScipioSA (23:55:04)
Vietnamese rice still undercuts Pakistan CFR East Africa!
2013-05-04 Tweet from @ScipioSA (09:55:02)
Record May delivery on the No.11 of 1.3 million tonnes, but do they have homes?
2013-05-01 Tweet from @ScipioSA (22:55:03)
The Thais are back at work and we limited volumes of Eastern VHP sugar available for May 15 / June shipment.
2013-04-23 Tweet from @ScipioSA (06:55:03)
The EU’s sugar ruling that’s left a bitter taste at Tate & Lyle via @Telegraph
2013-04-22 Tweet from @ScipioSA (23:55:07)
Back from the land of opportunity, energized and ready to trade!
2013-04-15 Tweet from @ScipioSA (05:55:06)
Attending the Africa Sugar Outlook in Nairobi. When will Africa be a net exporter?
2013-03-22 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:05)
"The Peak" (via @pixable)
2013-03-20 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:07)
RT @ReutersAfrica: #Zimbabwe approves new constitution by landslide
2013-03-20 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:07)
RT @sugaronline: Sugaronline News: Eurozone worries hammers ICE May by 3.2% via 2013-03-20 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:07)
Cypriot parliament backs down on taking a haircut from depositors fearing retribution KGB style. Sensible chaps.
2013-03-20 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:07)
Vietnamese rice is again the most competitive in the LGWR category CFR southern Africa.
2013-03-20 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:07)
We have Eastern VHP sugar available for East Africa.
2013-03-03 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:02)
Sir Richard Lambert Tacitus Lecture. Worth spending 5 minutes to read @World_Traders…
2013-02-26 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:02)
May futures breach $510, up $20 from the lows.