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2013-08-29 Tweet from @ScipioSA (10:55:10)
New berth to speed up operations at Kenyan port… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-08-29 Tweet from @ScipioSA (10:55:10)
Kenya removes trade barriers… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-08-21 Tweet from @ScipioSA (10:55:03)
US will lift Mugabe sanctions only after reforms… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-08-20 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:10)
Sell sugar directly to retail shops and final consumers, millers told… via @dailynation
2013-08-20 Tweet from @ScipioSA (11:55:03)
SADC calls on west to lift Zimbabwe sanctions… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-08-13 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:03)
Sugar futures are persistently high. This is negatively impacting trade flows into East Africa.
2013-08-12 Tweet from @ScipioSA (10:55:03)
Marginal rise in sub-Saharan Africa’s containerised exports… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-08-08 Tweet from @ScipioSA (16:55:09)
South African Sugar farmers sour over cheap imports - Business News | IOL Business |…
2013-08-05 Tweet from @ScipioSA (17:55:07)
Importation of cheap sugar worries millers… via @dailynation
2013-07-31 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:09)
Zimbabweans vote for new president, let's make it positive!…
2013-07-25 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:12)
RT @BBCAfrica: Who owns Africa's arable land?
2013-07-24 Tweet from @ScipioSA (17:55:03)
Call to Sell Sugar Firms #kenya via @allafrica
2013-07-24 Tweet from @ScipioSA (18:55:02)
Tanzania reports massive export growth… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-07-12 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:08)
How he built a billion dollar business in Tanzania via @sharethis
2013-07-12 Tweet from @ScipioSA (16:55:03)
Africa’s economic outlook brightens amid continued inequalities | EurActiv:…
2013-07-11 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:06)
Looking for Mitr Phol refined sugar, Fobs BKK, prompt shipment.
2013-07-11 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:06)
RT @LiveRiceIndex: In Madagascar, 47% (206,000 hectares) of the area ravaged by crickets has now been treated by pesticides.…
2013-07-11 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:06)
Brisk rice trading into Madagascar due to locust destruction of the paddy earlier in the year.
2013-07-04 Tweet from @ScipioSA (20:55:04)
RT @BBCBreaking: Zimbabwe's Constitutional Court rejects requests by President Mugabe and PM Tsvangirai to delay elections from 31 July
2013-07-01 Tweet from @ScipioSA (22:55:03)
RT @BBCAfrica: President #Obama in Tanzania: "The goal here is for Africa to build Africa for Africans, and our job is to be a pa