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2013-10-04 Tweet from @ScipioSA (10:55:07)
Mombasa blackout hits port business… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-10-03 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:03)
Pakistan Rice out competes all other origins on back of rupee fall!
2013-10-03 Tweet from @ScipioSA (10:55:05)
The 15 economies that will grow faster than India and China over the next decade… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-10-03 Tweet from @ScipioSA (10:55:05)
Beira-Zimbabwe road to be rebuilt… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-09-30 Tweet from @ScipioSA (19:55:03)
Sugaronline News: KENYA: Alarm raised again over impending COMESA imports via @sharethis
2013-09-27 Tweet from @ScipioSA (09:55:07)
Mega-ship trend accelerates… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-09-25 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:03)
My condolences go out to the people of Kenya for this heinous crime against a beautiful people and country.
2013-09-19 Tweet from @ScipioSA (15:55:06)
EAC states to improve agriculture… via @dailymonitor
2013-09-15 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:03)
RT @dailynation: 2014: Poor rainfall, shortage of food for Tanzania 2013-09-15 Tweet from @ScipioSA (08:55:03)
RT @dailynation: Tanzania lowers fees for Rwanda trucks to $152 #
2013-09-14 Tweet from @ScipioSA (07:55:08)
Tanzania covers Kenyan maize demand with 'unofficial' imports. Zambian maize also entering Mombasa market.
2013-09-09 Tweet from @ScipioSA (06:55:07)
Standard Digital News - Kenya : Government to blame for woes gripping local sugar industry… via @StandardKen
2013-09-09 Tweet from @ScipioSA (06:55:07)
Australia: Investing in Zimbabwe risky… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-09-08 Tweet from @ScipioSA (19:55:02)
Mombasa a regional port, declares Kenyatta… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-09-08 Tweet from @ScipioSA (20:55:09)
RT @dailynation: Man to wed pet goat because she doesn't speak or request money 2013-09-08 Tweet from @ScipioSA (21:55:09)
Need to feed 2.2m Zimbabweans before next harvest… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-09-08 Tweet from @ScipioSA (21:55:09)
Zimbabwe ends state rail monopoly… via @FTWOnlineSA
2013-09-03 Tweet from @ScipioSA (20:55:03)
RT @dailynation: #Zimbabwe gives foreign firms indigenisation ultimatum bit
2013-09-03 Tweet from @ScipioSA (21:55:04)
EAC showing serious fissures. Punitive transit charges imposed by members on each others road fleets. Remember 'C' stands for community!
2013-08-29 Tweet from @ScipioSA (10:55:10)
Mugabe threatens US, UK firms… via @FTWOnlineSA